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1963-65 Riviera Car Cover

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Hi, Gang. I've wound up with one extra car cover for 1963-65 Buick Riviera. This is a good, gently-used cover.

It is made of nice blue poly fabric. This cover is "no shrink", when it comes to washing and drying. It is for designed for indoor use only, and does a good job of keeping the dust and other stuff in the air off your treasure. This cover is clean and in very good condition. If I remember correctly, the material has been slit to allow the right fender radio antenna to pass through the cover (it has been awhile since this cover was out of its box).

This is a semi-custom fit cover that goes on the 1963-65 Rivera with room to spare. You will NOT struggle to get it on! Buy this cover for just $40, plus the actual cost of shipping. Thanks! John in Wisconsin

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