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Kingpin replacement 1936

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The kingpins on my 1936 special were worn enough that I decided they needed replacing. It was easy enough to disassemble the front end and parts were very reasonable from oldbuickparts.com but before I start trying to remove the bushings I thought I'd ask for some advice.

The bushings seem to be well seated but it isn't clear if they are tight from being their for 70+ years or if they were pressed in. I looked at the replacement bushings and they have an inside diameter that is a few hundredths smaller then the diameter of the kingpin so it looks like I need to follow through with a reamer to the bushings once they get installed.

I can use mocked up tools to get the bushings out (hopefully not messing up the yoke). It looks like several people recommend using a vice or a shot hammer to put the new bushings in. I hear tell of some people using a hone to make the bushing large enough but I think I tend to favor the concept that using a reamer is the only way to go.

So here is the question. I haven't located a reamer yet and when I do I suspect it will be at least $40 but probably more. I have no idea what a machine shop would charge me but I have hope it would be less then $100. Keeping the cost of replacement parts in mind (should I screw up that is) it seems like it might just be best to have the machine shop do it even if it ends up costing a bit more.

Anybody have any opinions or ideas for where to find a reamer, how much it might cost, and how much you might have paid for a machine shop to do this?



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I used a machine shop for my 38-80C. I attempted to do the reaming myself and messed it up. I had to buy new bushing and press them in again. I do not remember the cost to do it at the machine shop, but it wasn't much as I recall. I wrote a tech tip article about it. for the 36-38 club and my local chapter. I can provided it to you pm me with your email address.

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I replaced all of the front suspension bushings and pins on my '36 last year. If I remember correctly all of the bushings were easy to press in. Seems like I removed the old ones by putting a bolt through a socket that was just larger than the bushing one on side and another socket large enough to ride over the bshing on the other. The new bushings do ned to be reemed to size. The only place in town here that did it was the local alignment shop. Seems like it cost $10 for each side for the kingpins.

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