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A high wheeler in Finland

Juha Paavo Kaita

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Here is another antique automobile photo. This was publiced on a local veteran car magazine - called "Mobilisti". They told that this is a car locally manufactured in Sortavala - this used to be a Finnish town in Carelia, a area that we were forced to give Russia after WW2. My believe is that this is a International High Wheeler from round 1910. Again would like to hear support my idea or then say what is the true make and model of the car.

You´ll have been of great help so far.

Juha Kaitanen



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Some International High Wheelers found their way to Finland, too. It is not totally US breed as one could think. Here is a photo of IHC from 1910/11. The car is driven in Oulu area. There are few extra gasoline containes because they are out of town and far from nearest filling station. This IHC is actually restored and I later on add some photos of it on this handsome forum.


Turku, Finland


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