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Houk wire wheels on '16 T roadster-any info?

Guest Randy_P

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Guest Randy P.

I've got a set of Houk wire wheels on a 1916 Ford T roadster. They measure 24 3/16" o.d. and about 23" at the bead seat. The outside edge is rolled in and there appears to be no provision for any kind of bead clamp as I've seen on other wire wheels. The center of the outer rim where the spokes attach is not recessed but the whole outer rim is one smooth radius until it rolls over into the area where the tire sits. They have a special hub with 6 pins to drive each wheel and a brass center cap that threads onto the special hubs to hold the wheels on. The special front hubs that mount onto maybe longer spindles have a number stamped on them "35141 LS". The caps have "Houk" in the center and then "Quick Change" Houk Wire Wheel and Wire Wheel Corp. of America-Buffalo, NY on the outer perimeter of the cap. Inside the center hub on the wheel is stamped "3-F 21" and then a sideways 4 and then a "7". I've read of people talking about #4 Houk wheels and such. Somewhere I read that #4s have 60 spokes, but these only have 48 spokes. I'd appreciate any info that I can get on these wheels and if and where I can get tires for them. Were these wheels for performance, strength, less weight, all of the above or...? Thanks in advance, Randy

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