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Orient Buckboard or not

Juha Paavo Kaita

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This automobile was once driven and riden in Jyväskylä in Central Finland. The car looks very much like Orient but there are some features that make you think twice; steering column, shape of fenders, extra rear seat etc. Would like to hear your comments on this photo. The photo is from the era driving and riding was lot of fun.

Happy year 2010 to you´ll

Juha Kaitanen



Ps. It is minus 7 but fea days ago it was minus 21 and a lot of snow.


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The vehicle seems to have all the appearances of the Waltham Orient Buckboard except that it has a steering wheel rather than a tiller. Investigations revealed some pictures of Waltham Orient cars of cca 1907-1908 vintage which appear to have more conventional bodies with tonneau type bodies and steering wheels. I would say this probably is a Waltham Orient Buckboard twin cylinder type of the experimental 1906-8 period before the conventional Waltham cars started.


Vintman (UK)

Classic Cars, Veteran Cars and Vintage Cars - The Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society

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Hi,,,Write to Waltham Museum,,Lexington St Waltham Ma,,,Attn Al Arena,,,He knows everything about Waltham,,,walking talking,,,,talking,,talking history book,,,he just took over the old Waltham firehouse,,Lexington St is directly across from Main St,,facing city hall,, A local resident there has a Orient runabout 2cyl,,,w/ steering wheel similar,,,,and Sandwich Museum in Sandwich Ma,,,also has a steering wheel model ,,,Cheers,,,Ben

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I am a minor expert on Orient Buckboards,having owned 6,yes six of them!Friction drive models were built from 1906-08. This car has a correct body and steering wheel on it from the factory,probably from 1907 or 1908. However most came with a single seat and tiller steering,so it is not a common model though. Cheers! George Albright,Ocala,Fla. email: gnalbright@gmail.com

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