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New guy- Intro and question

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My name is Tim and I'm an old car junkie. I have owned and worked on alot of old cars and love every minute of it. I found this site out of neccesity while working on a '65 Riviera and I need some help.

If this has been posted before I apologize, but I couldn't find it.

Question- does anybody make an adapter and master cylinder to make a '65 Riviera a dual chamber system which goes on the stock booster? I want to keep the drum/drum stock set-up. Just need to make it safer for my friend who's car is finally on the road after a long drawn out horrible experience. I just got the car on the freeway today after working out some driveline kinks.

I have always wanted a Riviera, while this one isn't mine it gives me the chance to drive and work on one. But Someday!

Thank you,


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Hi Tim, the Old Car Junkie!

I know in the Members Only section of the Riviera Owners Assoc. there are specific articles pertaining to this...you shouls consider joining, it's a lot of bang for your buck...

basically you scrounge the parts from a later model buick, though. Never have done it myself. Steve

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As Tim says, the best bang for your restoration buck is a membership in the ROA.

You should find a 67 or later dual master cylinder from a donor car (Riviera) that has a drum/drum set up. Buick used two separate reservoir/booster setups and they're not interchangeable. So, get the booster that goes with the reservoir. Bendix was one supplier and Delco-Morraine was the other. Why Buick used two is anybody's guess. While you're at it, get the junction block, lines, and the support bracket as well as the proportioning valve. It is basically a bolt on.

The step by step procedure is in the Technical Tips section on the ROA website www.rivowners.org


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