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White Christmas Florida Style


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Nice! I wouldn't have minded that under my tree, or any one of the three really.

That picture further affirms my love of white cars. Which is funny, since I always thought they were too hard to keep clean until I owned a couple. Now I may go for a fleet of white cars (if I ever get another Reatta it will likely be 3 in the same GM white). Dunno, maybe I'll get a different color next time, I do like the Reatta in Garnet Red and Gun Metal Grey. Polo Green too, but would like an 88 instead of another 91, so that won't work.

On a related note, we had an almost white Christmas here in STL (a dusting of dry powder) on Christmas Day. Now it is just brutal cold (under 15 degrees at night) and negative windchills so bad the power steering pump on both cars wants to whine at startup. Yeah, I know it could be worse, I could be in N. Dakota, or Minnesota where 15 degrees is a heatwave this time of year. I either have to respect my neighbors to the north for their fortitude in tolerating such extreme temperatures, or assume they are crazy for living in such inhospitable climates [ok, just joking].

Anyway, we are now in the long slog of winter for sure. Probably late April before things get decent here (over 55 degrees) on a routine basis. Seems like a long time coming. I just have to hope for no car repairs until then.


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Guest mhuffy

I have never had an overalll color preference for cars, just loved looking at them in general.....anyway......a nice picture like that could make a man consider converting. :)


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The first production in 1969 were "Carousel Red" (looks like Chebby's "Hugger Orange" - long story) and all had exposed headlights. By second production, anything in the inventory was available.

Is a lot like "All Reattas are red with tan interiors".

This is a 1970 and very similar to the magazine car shown.


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