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42 Super - restore or modify fantasy


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Just for fun, using the car BJM found and posted here http://http://forums.aaca.org/f115/just-one-problem-they-never-made-274668.html , and pictured below, describe what you'd do if you owned it.

Were it me, I'd have to consider modifying this one. I could see that car painted dark maroon, with a red leather rolled interior, sporting a 364, 4bl, 6 speed, with dual exhaust dropping just under the rear bumper and a posi 3.31 rear. Maybe a set of 15" Riviera style road wheels with some 60 series blackwalled tires.

BUT...the car does seem to be somewhat rarer than your ordinary Sedanette. So what would you conside r and how would it look when you were done?



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This is one of those cars where you could modify it and if someone said anything, show them the photos above and watch them lower their head and walk away.

Maroon is a great stock color as well but you could really do up the interior. I saw an early 50's Buick - modified on this forum a while back - that had the Buick logo stitched into the leather seats.

Just keep everything Buick.

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Guest ZondaC12

I see an engine just barely peeking over the fender...I dunno what I'd do to the body...probably fix it up leave it stock and paint it whatever color I felt like...throw some slot mags on it.

As for that engine: Megasquirt + twin turbo. 500 horsepower Fireball please!!! :D:eek:

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