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A week or two ago we were talking on one of these forums about three window coupes.

Well I cant seem to find that thread so I dont remember just who it was that was I was talking to.

It was mentioned that there may be one for sale in the Seattle area or maybe it was farther north.

It was also suggested that I search the Yahoo forums for the 46-48 heavy metal group to look for a guy that went by 'senzabenza' that he may be the one that had this car for sale.

I first want to thank all of you that had helped me to find one of these cars and want to appeal to you for some more help.

You see I did find the 46-48 Chrysler forum on Yahoo but my application to join was denied. Couldnt tell you why but it was.

I am still actively searching for one of these cars that wont break my bank.

So if any of this looks familiar to you maybe you could search that guy out and let me know how to find him. Or any other leads on preferably a Chrysler eight, but any three window may work for me. Any condition but would like to find a nice driver.

I thank you in advance.

Jack M.



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Jack, 3 window cpes are mentioned in the thread "what the heck is this ..." started by BJM. There is also a thread from awhile ago where C49er posted a photo of his, which I can't find at the moment.

I don't know why you are having a problem with PWHM but I'm sure someone on there could help. Good luck in your hunt, see if you can find two (I want one).

My Dad had a Dodge 3 window in 1948 when my Parents got married he always said you could put a row boat in the trunk. I had a 46 Plymouth 3 pass. cpe and we put a bathtub in the trunk to move for my Uncle.

Happy New Year,


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