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Vintage 1960's Car and Driver magazines

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1960’s Car and Driver MAGAZINES for sale:

1962 - Dec: Italian Grand Prix,Mustang show car,Triumph road test and more!

1962 - Aug : Gas turbines,Thunderbird and Mercedes road tests and more!

1963 - Oct: Porsche,Sunbeam and Fiat road tests,French Grand Prix and more!

1963 - Dec: Buick Riviera,Bonneville speed week,Italian Grand Prix and more!

1963 - July: Ford GT,Lola,VW road tests and more!

1964 - Jan: For vs. Chevy,London Grand Prix,Racing and more!

1964 - April: Rambler and Lancia road tests and more!

1964 - Feb: Citroen,Hillman and Lotus road tests,racing and more!

1964 - Aug: Thunderbird road test,racing and more!

1965 - July:Luxury cars,Renault road test,Racing and more!

1965 - April: BMW,Alfa road tests,Porsche 911,Racing and more!

1965 - Aug: Indianapolis,Plymouth and Cortina road tests,Racing and more!

1966 - Dec: Olds 442,Jaguar road tests,Barracuda,Racing and more!

1967 - May: Triumph,Datsun road tests,Racing,International auto show and more!

1968 - July: Mustang vs. Camaro,Saab and Austin road tests,Racing and more!

All magazines are in good condition and are $8.50 each postpaid in the USA.

Call 440 254-4642 or email = nightday44095@yahoo.com

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