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wtb-salsbury 500 clutch.

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Does your Cushman look like this?

If so, it is a Trailster, made in two versions. The first is '60-'61 and the second is '62-'65. Dennis Carpenter Reproductions can supply any of the parts that you might need to get up and running.

If you have an actual Tote Gote (which are not made by Cushman), your bike would look something like this (several models existed):


Hope this helps a little!

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You know, your best option may be to try to snag a parts machine so that between the two bikes you can build up one really nice one that is complete. It is about the only way to get the correct parts for these.

Fortunately these aren't too expensive yet. I'd think you'd be able to purchase a parts machine for less than $250 that still have some useable items on it.

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ok i havent picked up a 500 clutch yet,but i have collected over 50 motorcycles,ect;sence original post,from an 1100 to a 50,today a 650 suzuki, two days ago,a 3 wheel cushman golf cart& a cushman trailster frame like the one above with a,i beleave 2 speed trans,100.00 each.but a kool deal 3 weeks ago,a guy gave me 3 tote gotes,1 compleat, something like a toole trooper,the others i found out were pak jak's- olny frames & wheels, but the rear wheels had been changed,1 had a 1945 & the other a 1920's harley tires wheels & brakes on them,i use to collect bikes,then went to cars,looks like i'm back to bikes,friends think i'm starting a junkyard,i;ve got 30 to 50 more bikes to haul,most free,also a friend has a garage full of old bike&auto parts. hope to be listing some soon. thanks guys.

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