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Oil pan guide bolts.

Guest B1rdman

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Guest peter_smith

Gene, last time I did mine, I used 4x3"x 5/16" NC bolts, but the engine was out of the car, if yours is in the car, and tight for space, you might get away with 2".


Peter Smith UK

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Gene, check your pan gasket set. Most pan gaskets I've seen have little tabs at the rear and these go under the ends of the rear cork seal over the rear main cap. You might have better luck spot gluing the pan gasket to the crankcase rail and then install the rear cork seal. You may also have to trim a bit off the front ends of the pan gaskets where they meet the crankshaft pulley seal area. You can pre-form the front rope seal after it's soaked in oil and intalled in the pan with a round bar or a large socket that is a little smaller than the diameter of the front pulley sealing surface. This will aid when trying to start those front pan attaching bolts. Good luck.

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