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'61-'63 Lincoln Continental Hardtop


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Hi All,

I'm interested in finding an original, very well-kept 1961-1963 Continental.

Can anyone here tell me if this is the best forum for discussion of this car.

I have a '65 Riviera, and have found great support from the guys on the Riviera Owners portion of the AACA website, and am wondering if I'll find similar interest here?

Also, if anyone has one of these cars for sale, please contact me. I'm only interested in a car that is in very good shape, not a project, and it must have working factory air.

Thanks, Joe

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Although many of us have other interests besides the early V-12 Lincolns, I suspect that you would have better success at the Lincoln Continental Owners Club website, www.lcoc.org.

Back in the 1980s, we owned 5 1962 Lincolns (2 convertibles and 3 sedans) as well as 1964 and 1965 Lincoln sedans. These were terrific family cars but had lousy fuel economy on leaded premium gasoline.

All long gone now!


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Since you are relatively local, you might want to contact Pat Corbett at [pcorbett@austin.rr.com]

Pat is the director of the Lone Star Region of the LCOC.

Here's a copy of the latest newsletter. The January meeting is scheduled as follows:


January 17, 2010

TIME; 2:00 PM

Cannoli Joes on 290 west, Austin, private meeting room

Cost: $20 per person for all-you-can-eat buffet. Includes meal, drink and tip. Charlotte will collect at the door to speed up the process. Please, no checks or Credit Cards to simplify things.

Program: Classic Car Engine Lubricants and Additives

Speaker; John Ronshausen, Arnold Oil co.

If you have an engine with flat tappet cam operation, you need to know what proper lubricants to use today to protect the cam from wear. EPA has mandated that all oil companies remove a vital oil additive, ZDDP, by the year 2009, for longer catalytic converter life. Thus, leaving our engines at risk. John will address this issue along with other additives that will be useful with modern oils and gasoline.

I look forward to seeing you there to kick off a great new year for the Lone Star Region. Please contact me with your RSVP, and have a wonderful Christmas.

Pat Corbett, wife; Linda

2801 Cardinal Dr.

Manchaca, (Austin) Tx. 78652

LCOC # 023810C

1969 Lincoln Continental Sedan

Lone Star Region, Director

Hm; 512 282-8663

Off: 512 444-4565


BTW, Arnold Oil Co owns the A-Line Auto Parts stores

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Phil ; Relative to the Letter Above.. If anyone is Concerned about the "Newer Motor Oils " not Containing ZDDP they might want to check out the following Company.. BRAD PENN OIL ..They bought the Kendall Refinery a couple of Years ago and they Specialize in Motor Oils with a High concentration of ZDDP .. Namely 1500 PPM..

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