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New 49 Buick Super owner....impatient question....

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Hello all, having just acquired a 1949 Super (very very original incl. paint...:)) here in Australia, I am currently charging the 6volt battery and wish to start it in a couple of days. I have ordered a owners manual, however in the meanwhile could someone tell me what the little chrome push button is on the lower right hand side of the dashboard being mindful that this is a Right Hand Drive vehicle (hence button in on drivers side).

My knowledge of the mechanical/operation of this car in limited, previous owner had been starting and driving it so touch wood it should fire OK. Any other tips would be appreciated!

Thank You


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That may be the starter button, although it is incorrect. The car is supposed to start by pushing the accelerator to the floor when key is "on". Some owners did not like this, and converted them to push-button start, to prevent flooding of the carburetor. Are there two wires connected to the starter switch on the lower rear corner of the carburetor? If not, it has probably been converted to the push-button start. My 1950 Roadmaster has been converted that way. My '49 Super still starts from the accelerator pedal.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, Texas

1948 Roadmaster

1949 Super wagon

1950 Roadmaster

1959 Electra

1962 Electra 225

1963 Wildcat conv. 4-spd.

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Adam , where in Australia are you ? The Buick Club of Australia is a great club with members willing to help you out with whatever assistance may be required with your car. I encourage you to join up. Let me know what state you're in and I can point you in the right direction.

Did you buy that '49 out of Perth ?

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Thanks all, had a moment today to shoot over and look at the car, battery still charging however turned ignition ON, foot on pedal pressed the button...Bingo she turned over.....once the battery charged she will fire for sure.....thanks.

I shall organise some pics in next couple days!

A question that did come to mind teh push button must have been installed very very early in the life of the car as it appears to be "fairly" period correct, were these done through Buick dealers or purely as a aftermarket installation, I suspect the later?

I appreciate the help and hope I can contribute myself to the forum.

The car is 100% complete and near no rust with everything nearly working as it should, exceptionally straight and honest ol' gal!

First port of call is give it a good clean in/out/under and over etc then a good service oil/filters etc, so sourcing those will be a new adventure, after that quite a few "tidy up" tasks I have planned, am really excited about this car!

Thanks Pete and Ben and Ken yes it is the Western Australia car, I am in Melbourne Vic, I would like to join the club let me know details....

Cheers and thanks


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Hi Adam,

Sounds like a real interesting find:cool:

We would all like to see those photos when thery are available.

The Buick Club in Victoria has a website from which you can printout an application form to join if you wish.

Buick Car Club of Australia - Vic

What part of Melbourne are you in? We have a meeting 2nd Friday of each month at the Koonarra Tennis Club, 7 Balwyn Road, Bulleen.

If you want any further information you can ring me on 0437811097


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Well all is very good, this really is a lovely car. For those in the US it is quite rare and were a special order for Australia (Mayors, Prime Ministers etc), hence they never really hit the showroom floors.

I have a few tasks to attend, have purchased a manual and hope to attend a Buick Car Club Australia evening. The bones of this car really are superb, the originality is astounding, my father owns one also, amongst other Buicks so I guess the 49 Super runs through the blood!

Here are some pictures. Cheers




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The colour is certainly original being 49-12, stamped on the plate and yes quite rare more so here in Australia.

Of interest my local paint suppliers have found the paint code/formula which appears to be an exact match if anyone wants it let me know!


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Glad to see this pulled up to current status, so we can all enjoy this most unusual and lovely car. Once again, I'm feeling a strong pull to own a '49 Buick. Must... take... cold... shower.

If this Down Under Super also has the very rare "Sunshine Turret Top" (so rare, they weren't even built after 1940. Ish.), I'd say the mystery push button is for the equally rare Ejector Seat option. Be very careful about pushing it, if the car instead has a fixed roof.

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No no rob, let me educate you somewhat, I have the answer, you see in Australia (not Austria), we have as many kangaroos as humans hence kangaroos proved to be problematic with the front of cars, well as is the case now all Australian built cars have a anti-roo switch upon pressing makes a chirping noise similar to flipper the dolphin, the kangaroo then moves from our driveway and sits on the porch waiting for a Vegemite sandwich. Gotta love the history with these cars down under!!!

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