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If anyone is in need of hard to find parts and is in no hurry and has money to spend then I have a friend in Uraguay that might be able to help. It took him a year to find the bumper I needed but he is persistant and honest. Parts are not plentifull there as it seems they still do drive the old cars and are not concerned about originality but its worth a shot.

He has sent me picture after picture of cars from the 20s sitting in fields.

You dont pay anything unless he does find it but even the smallest part might cost you a couple hundred since his time and travel is no less valuable than yours or mine.

You deal with him directly by sending him photos of what you need if you have them, he will console me on what he should charge if he does find item because he has no idea on value.

Again dont be in a rush, I was lucky enough that it only took the year for the few parts I have had sent here.

I am not making anything but just trying to help someone find that impossible to find part, e-mail me at jhason2@yahoo.com if in need.

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