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Vintage Steam Products Employees Vacation in Hawaii

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Dear VSP Customers and Friends:

Thank you for a wonderful 2009! Without our tens of thousands of customers, VSP would be nothing but a little hobby business stuck in the back of someone's garage.

Vintage Steam Products temporarily shut down for Christmas Week this year and because we had such a tremendous year, took all our employees and their families to Hawaii for a two-week vacation.

This is a picture of our employees on the beach at Waikiki. Each color of umbrellas represents a different branch of the business.

For Example:

  • Under the red umbrellas are the lace wheel handle makers and polishers.
  • Under the green umbrellas are the fitting turners.
  • Under the red striped umbrellas are the Fiberfrax makers.
  • Under the blue striped umbrellas are the wheel puller makers.
  • Under the yellow umbrellas are the folks who manage our shipping and accounting, etc.

The large band shell you see at the upper right corner hosted the world famous Beetles Reunion Concert, with the Rolling Stones as the warm up act on Christmas Eve. Everyone flew back on December 26th.

Seriously, now, . . .

We did have a great year at Hershey. It was Carolyn's first year and she and a very good time. The best part of Hershey was learning of Art Hart's recovery from liver cancer. He and Ro-z went out and bought a Model T.

Lace Wheel Handles are now available in quantity. We have a great local stamping house with a laser cutter. If you have scruffy looking lace wheel handles or are building a car, we're ready to supply you!

Don't miss our line of stainless steel fittings. Don't forget to chech that fire extinguisher - we stock Halon and Purlpe K!

Visit us on the web at www.vintagesteamproducts.com. Time sto start working on that project or getting that car ready to tour this year!

Very best wishes!

Don, Carolyn, & CJ Hoke

PS We have a wonderful 1924 S<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com><st1:City w:st=tanley</st1:City> Model 750 for sale. Lots of pictures at www.stanleysteameronline.com.<O:p</O:p





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