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Hey Rick, I was in that storm. Me and my family decided to spend Christmas in Minnesota at my sister's dairy farm. You should have seen the look on people's faces here in Texas when I told them I was going to Minnesota for Christmas! We were driving through Iowa on Sunday, December 20 when we got caught in it. We stopped in Ames and ate breakfast at the Grove Cafe, known for their enormous orange pancakes. By the time we got out of there everything was white and there was 6 inches of snow everywhere. Made for some beautiful pictures, though. Long story short, we made it to Minnesota a few hours later, spent a week there enjoying snow activities, and drove home the weekend after Christmas, barely missing abouther ice storm that occurred a few days before. By the way, Ames Iowa is quite a nice looking town. Can't wait to see it next July at the Nationals. We will definately have the town to ourselves.

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