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Wanted 1910 era wood Steering Wheel - Brass Spider

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I have been watching eBay quite often. Thanks George for your response.

I have seen the fatman brass repros, but not the same as I need (like photos). But may contact them for wood later if needed.

I'm sure there is just what I need hanging in someones garage...or maybe they will post one on eBay. Leads of possible sources for me to check are welcome - drop me an Email.

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I have a 17" Tiltlok #119094 made in Detroit that is a fat mans steering wheel that not only tilts but also has a removable locking key that makes it free wheel .This has wooden wheel ,AL spokes and is brand new and has never been on a vehicle Comes with horn button in the orginal packing Would be hard to find one like this

It is expensive

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