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Antique vehicles and snow photos

Shop Rat

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This is poor Woodstock sitting out in the snow with his jammies on. Bill had moved him up to the main driveway to work on putting new springs and other parts on. Then the snow hit on the nineteenth. The snow is deeper than it looks because Woodstock is up on BIG blocks of wood almost the size of cinder blocks.


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Pics taken about 4-5 years ago when I lived about 15 miles further north. I was stuck in that horrible uppity town for 4 years till I got back on my feet...and finally found a place with LARGE buildings so all my cars, and my sons tractors could all stay indoors.

In the second pic on the far left, you can see what was my former daily driver, all dug out....a 57 bug...with a gasoline heater mounted 1 inch from the gas tank. That car was warm as toast, and only had visible fire under the car just once :)

From left to right: 57 VW sunroof, 66 Chev camper special 4x4, friend's 65 VW sunroof, and 63 Chev suburban

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January 20, 2009 - We actually had a little bit of snow in Wilmington NC. I took our 1929 Model A Ford Phaeton out for a little drive and had my son take a photo of it. (We don't get many chances for photos involving snow here.)


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Guest Skyking

This is the closest any of my cars got to the snow. I was moving it out of the Bayside Expo Boston show last January after a snow storm.


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Ugh, the snowfall here on the Connecticut Shoreline from this past Saturday night into Sunday morning (12/19-12/20) was a heavy one--about a foot, I'd estimate. No fun shoveling, but did take my '60 Bug out for a couple of pictures...



(no, it obviously wasn't sitting outside during the snowfall, and no, I don't take it out on the roads when our "salt-happy" town's been out and about with their trucks...I am already missing driving it...)

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Here's a shot taken in January, 1939 in the business district of Herren, Illinois. The photo was taken by Arthur Rothstein. Courtesy of the LOC once again.

For more wonderful photos of days gone by, take a jump over to the Shorpy Historic Photo Archive | Best Pix on the Net. They scour the Library of Congress archives for digital scans of the original negatives, clean them up for viewing, and post entries daily. The section on cars & trucks alone will help you kill three or four days.



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Guest 53Nailhead

I see a lot of Christmas cards or perhaps a calendar here. Especially like that 53 Buick in Ottawa

Thanks Lamar....be greatful you don't get snow like that. Those are some great pixs of the 'Buick Farm"!

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