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1941-47 Packard Clipper parts

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1941-47 Packard Clipper parts<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

<HR SIZE=1><!-- google_ad_section_start -->All parts, unless noted, are for 1941-47 Clippers, most are from 1946-47 seniors, and all are excellent to mint condition. Scroll down. I probably have it.

Don't waste your time, money, energy with junk. All items cherry-picked from rust-free California Packards in the late 1960s, early '70s, cars which would be restored today. Inside storage since.

Rear fenders with wheel house, complete with all inner structure and gas door, smooth and ding-free as the day they were produced, all 1941-47 junior and senior Clippers except limo.

Same excellent shape rear doors for above, complete with windows and regulator assembly.

Center pillar assembly, doorpost or "dogleg," left and right, for all except limo and base 1942-47 juniors.

Hoods. Mint, immaculate, scratch- and ding-free, smooth and straight as the day they were stamped. One in prime, the other black, either original paint or good '50s Packard agency-quality respray. For 1941, and 1942-47 seniors.

1941-47 mint dash cigar lighter.

1942 180 Clipper, 1946-47 Custom Super rear seat ashtray lid, stainless/gold. Lovely.

Windshield woodgrained finishing molding, sharp, 1946-47. Same for rear window.

Custom Super front seat back duo-grained molding.

Out of grille extensions, "cat whiskers" other than top left & top right for '42 junior, '46-'47 Deluxe 8, Packard part #s 378860 & 378861. Mint means mint.

Flawless, mint stainless moldings, 1941-47: Left rear door belt molding #370189. Right rear quarter belt mldg. #370190. Right front door stainless finishing rim #372530; left rear #372531.

Rear floor stainless mldgs., all but limo.

Complete junior left tail light including mint glass lens.

Headlight retainer, rim, complete bucket assemblies.

Complete rear seat fold-down armrest, nice original houndstooth upholstery. Or recover if your interior different.

Nice interior door and window regulator handles and beige escutcheons, 1946-47.

Mint chrome radio opening cover #371541, all 1941-47 but base 1946-47 juniors and taxi, in which it was painted. This is the large, diecast piece into which slide the controls for head/driving/fog/map lights, ElectroMatic, etc.

Front bumpers. Straight and ding-free as the day they were produced, but need replating.

1942-50 356-ci Super-8 engine lower radiator to water pump steel elbow, very nice. In aircraft zinc chromate green primer, coincidentally same as Packard green!

356-ci cast-iron thermostat housing, all 1940-47 160/180, Super/Custom Super except 148" wheelbase.

Perfect 356 fan.

Horns for all 1941-47 Clipper, junior and senior.

Gleaming black, gorgeous show and go 15" wheels, for 1942-47 seniors, including '42 160 convertible & '42 180 Darrin victoria. Not for limos, which use 16".

Smaller parts sent Priority Mail or Parcel Post, insured. You or your shipper pick up large items, which are priced FOB San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area.

Contact: mike-exanimo@sbcglobal.net<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

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