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Offenhauser dual quad manifold

Guest norby48

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Guest norby48

Offenhauser #5162 Manifold. $200.00 cash or trade for ?? Call Norb 773-895-8829. 9am-9

I believe it is an early version. I've seen one on a '56 Pont. See pics. The last pic is a 63 superduty 421.They still use the same model#. I've seen this # listed for years 55-64.

$478.00 Summit retail. offyparts.com asks $617.

I am in zip code 60641. NW Chi-town

THE GOOD: I had it bead blasted clean, then cleared it with VHT 1200. It is NOT blue. the pics look blue, but it is natural aluminum.

There are no dents or scratches.

The ports have been gasket-matched to gasket size. 1.125 x 2.185

The carb throttle bores are enlarged to 1-5/8 to match AFB-Edelbrock carbs on adapters. Cannot use Holley carbs!!

It can still be used with the original Rochester small base carbs.

All threads are clean. Bolts and adapters shown included.

No linkage...............

THE (not so) BAD: Someone milled the waterjacket area to remove previous corrosion. It has to be used with a double gasket in that area. That is an old trick to salvage expensive manifolds. It WILL seal fine. And if you use the grey sealer it will be unnoticable. Or, weld it up and have it remachined.

Some of the boltholes to the head have been elongated to fit some seriously milled heads.(or to fit a higher deck, later model, long stroke block). Not a problem, small washers cover them nicely.

This manifold should make some serious power on a good motor. And look nice on any Poncho.

As for trade, I need hydraulic brake parts for the front axle of my "33 Olds. I think Chey parts work?? And an underfloor pedal set-up.

I might consider trading for a 3 deuce manifold for a sbc.



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