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Mystery Car


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Well now, I need to ask what Brian said earlier :)

"The question now is, whats that beside it "

Is there another nose of a 1929/31-ish car next to that one?...or just a hood?

Interesting pics. Thanks for posting them

I definitely see a cowl with that hood!

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What is the difference between the Floride and the Caravelle?

The Floride was introduced in 1958, and was made through the 1961 model year. In 1962 it was replaced by the Caravelle, which was visually almost identical to the Floride but was based on the Renault 8 instead of the Dauphine (and was therefore very different under the skin). A few minor trim differences and a slightly modified roofline (on coupes only) were the only external changes.

Also the Floride was called the Caravelle in the U.S. because Renault thought people in Iowa wouldn't buy a car named for a different state. Only in the U.S. was there no name change in 1962. Most people in the U.S. have never heard of a Renault Floride.

This photo is of an early model, circa 1959 or so.


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