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Setting up a KRIT register

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  • 4 weeks later...

I have been involved in the E-M-F Registry and the Sears Motor Buggy Registry.

My advice is to start with a webpage with as much info as you can find and such that if someone puts the string "Krit" or "Krit Automobile" into Google, your website comes up. I created both the Sears Motorbuggy Website http://searsmotorbuggy.com and the E-M-F Homepage http://emfauto.org and I can tell you that we have found more cars this way. I have also been able to find parts for my cars. I think the key is to have as much material as possible on the site. Scan every document and picture you can find. everything becomes a reference for someone.

Next, starting with every Krit owner you know, contact them and get current address info and hopefully an email address. Organize this information in a database. I use Microsoft Access.

Next, send out a periodic newsletter. I do one to the E-M-F owners twice a year. It is 4 pages in length. I charge nothing for this. I picked up the cost to start and have been living on donation ever since. As soon as you chage, even a few dollars, you loose people. I wanted to involve everyone.

Lastly, set up meetings at major swap meets. We do Hershey And Chickasha, OK. We post meeting reminders to the registry members in the newsletters that come out just before the swap meets, and flyers posted at the event. We meet new owners all the time.

It is fun to get the owners of these rare cars together. I have made many great friendships as a result of this. But it is a lot of work.

Good luck. Please contact me if you have any questions.


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