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Unidetified Dash Clocks - Ford and Mopar


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Trying to help my dad identify these clocks he dug out of a box of parts in his garage.

The first one with the chrome bezel is out of a Mopar. I took the bezel off from the clock, and it has the "DPCD" logo, and part #1331326 - 8754 cast into it. It was made by the Jaeger Watch Company of New York, and also has "APR 51" stamped on it....I am assuming that is for April of 1951.

Even with all the information, I still don't know exactly what make or model it is original to.

The second clock is out of a Ford, as it has the "Fomoco" logo stamped into the backside. It is listed as a 12-volt clock and has "64" stamped on the backside as well.

Any help or ideas anyone might have would be great.

Thanks for you help.



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