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Oil Filter Addition to 1939 Buick


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I have a 1939 Buick Series 90 and find that the add-on oil filter (AC Kleer Kleen) was never installed on my car. I'd like to get some members' feedback on whether I should have this filter installed. I don't plan to drive the car very much (1000-2000 miles per year) and will change the oil every season.


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My personal view is you should try to keep the car as original as possible with the exception of seatbelts and other safety items. Was the oil filter assembly you have a factory authorized accessory? If so, I would install it even if you plan to change the oil every season. Given that it is a side flow system, that is still better than nothing. It was common practice to change the filter about every 4th oil change.

Good luck.

Joe, BCa 33493

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