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Spare Tire Carrier Covers need ID


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I have these two old Spare Tire Carrier Covers that I have no idea what they might fit.

There is absolutely no markings of any sort on either one.

The first one pictured, is a two piece cover - front and back.

The part measures 30 1/2" in diameter overall, with a 15 1/2" diameter wheel opening in the center. The tire tray area measures between 29" and 29 1/2" in diameter.

The second one pictured is a one-piece cover. This one measures 32" in diameter and it does have a small opening towards the bottom which must be for a wheel-lock.

Any help on either part would be greatly appreciated.






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That small trap door is for checking the air in the spare. A lot of cars covers were like that, so it's not really a unique feature for ID'ing.

Took me awhile on "google image searches", but I did ID one that I owned that was almost the same. I'd pick a year and brand name and keep trying. Around 1933 to 1937-ish?

If you do sell these on ebay..watch out! If you ship something like that, and if it goes byond a certain region, the US Mail adds on a "balloon fee" surcharge. It is for lightweight items in BIG boxes. They will charge 20 pounds even if it weighs far less. I lost 20 bucks selling mine on ebay using their shipping calculator.

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