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shock absorbers for 1924 Detroit

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Thomas, I have an original condition 1924 Detroit Electric with only 3500 miles on it. It has all available options available that year. I can give you any information that you need and/or send photos of the shocks. Jerry in Indiana

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Hello Jerry,

this sounds great. We had a look at the rear shocks. These are Watson Stabilator Type AA. Are these the correct ones ? Some photos would be great.

And one more important question : Which how much Volts runs your car ? Is it 72 volts or 84 volts ? What is correct for this year ? We have the Model 90.

Do you have a photo of the rear lamp ?

We own this car about 10 years and the obly tour we made was very, very slow with fully charged batteries. So now we restore the electric system and need new batteries.

Thanks for your help.


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The car uses 84 volts. I have two rear lights. One is put in operation when you push the mechanical rear brake pedal and the other is activated when the speed controller disconnects the battery power. they are different in appearance.

Jerry D

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