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Searching,,Pierce,1925 -7 ton truck#521


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Hi,,Does anyone know of a 1925 Pierce-Arrow,,model RF,,7, 1/2 ton truck,,Engine #521,,Vin#721xxxx,,,,Its 28'8 1/2" tip to toe,,and weighs 9540# empty,,no body,,cab only/last time seen,,in the greater Boston area,,,owned by Richard E Byrd jr///around 1957,,,SOMEHOW the doors of the cab got left behind,,,and I still have them,,Any help to find the location of this old friend would be appreciated,,Richard is long gone,,so much of this is just memories,,It had Peters all steel wheels,,,rears were 40" x 14"solids,,,8mph uphill,,12downhill,,and ya could chat w/ pedestrians while going past,,!!!,,30 mi trip in 3 hours,, It was a dual valve 4 cyl,,monster, and had Westinghouse air shocks,,,and they worked well,,,,but ya could still start it on the crank,,and at that time I weighed #127,,,Cheers,,Ben in Maine

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Best chance of finding would be to write a note to>

Bernie Weis

135 Edgerton St.

Rochester, NY 14609

I have some truck data from Pierce Arrow Society. SHows 2 RF trucks exist

S/N 7211198/Engine 2588 is in New Zealand (Brian Roy owner)

Other is Dump Truck with Wood Hyd Dump Body

S/N 7211967 eng unk.

Owner was

Thomas Spencer

RR1 Box 112

New Ringgold, PA 17960

Good Luck,


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The air shocks are a greater selling point than the electric starter,,I had a nearly dead battery,,they cost MONEY,,and cranking was not a problem,,I loved those shocks,,Now I ask,,,,How does a truck that size dissapear from the face of the earth,,Fond memories,,,Ben

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What do you fellows think,,,Its been on here over a year now,,and no sightings,,with over 1,000 looks,,,,How could a beast like this disappear???,And it ran so good,,never skipped a beat,,,Is it time to say''Fairwell My Lovely"",,,,Ben

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