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'62 Bonneville by Superior

Guest Engine-Ear

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Guest Engine-Ear

Hey everyone,

In my intro post (http://forums.aaca.org/f169/another-new-guy-pontiac-diehard-here-273090.html), I included a few pics of my Pontiac problem.

Without bogging down the general area, I decided to redirect the request for more info by TexRiv_63 so here we go...

I have been collecting '62s since '89 (when I was 17) and looked long and hard for a Safari wagon. Found a nice one. Then, someone who knows me pointed out an Ambo for sale on a popular online auction site, and it was in Wisconsin! (This is a blessing and a curse - blessing because I live within the confines of the cheddar curtain so it could be gotten relatively easily, but a curse in that it has some rust issues - make that an entire subscription!)

At any rate, I wanted to get a professional car for my business and being into '62s, this became a no-brainer. After seeing it, buying it and doing some research, I found out from an old hand at Superior that it was the only one made with a STICK (actually a 3 on the tree)!

Original engine and trans are long gone but the rest of the car is complete. So, the car needs everything. I am going to go with a workhorse 455 I have lying around and maybe keep it column shifted for the 'kewel' factor. I have a lead on a low-rust parts car out West which I will try to get so I can simply swap the rusty doors and rear quarter panels for nicer ones.

So, here are some images...enjoy! Please feel free to post any comments you may have.











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Guest Engine-Ear


I am still collecting parts on this one; I hope to have some body work underway by Fall...

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