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Seeking article about '56 Mark II convertible

Barry Wolk

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When Dennis Adler wrote the article about the Derham and H & E Mark II convertibles back in 1978 he wrote that an article was published in an unnamed magazine from early '56 showing a picture of a Mark II convertible. Since the Derham car wasn't introduced until October 17, 1956 it's doubtful that the article had a picture of that car, because it didn't exist at that time.

I've reviewed every car magazine from '55 and '56 that I could get my hands on and have found nothing. Yes, Dennis Adler has checked his files. Any leads?


Since the Derham convertible that came down the assembly line as a coupe and didn't ship until 6-1-56, long after the March '56 date stated.


Little help?

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Interesting. I remember reading that Speed Age article in '56. I was 9 years old, and when I saw the headline, I was trying to figure out if "Dud" was a positive word (like "Dude") or not. Then I read the text and the meaning became clear. My Dad subsribed to Speed Age, and I thoroughly enjoyed the racing coverage.

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