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1955 Oldsmobile headliner installation

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After years of restoration of our 1955 Oldsmobile 4d Sedan I am now at the point that I could install the headliner. But.. how ? :confused: I browsed Google but find no tips for installation. Is there a online manual around how to do this ? Or a book or something else where it is shown step by step ?<o></o>

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Thanks for your help.<o></o>

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Hi Thomas, there is little in print about this. In the mid 1950s it seems GM did not print manuals that included interiors, they were printed in Fisher Body Service Bulletins that were sent to dealers monthly or quarterly. You might try Ebay to see if they are available for an Olds, note the body used on your 1955 was first used in 1954, so you would want a 1954 manual.

Headliners are hard to install for a beginner (and even for a pro) since they are hanging down and gravity is working against you. Basically they are suspended from their bows, then stretched from front to rear and side to side and stapled to their tacking strips. But pulling them taut and adjusting out the wrinkles is not as easy at that sounds.

However, european headliners of the 1950s would be similar to your Olds, if you can find an experienced upholsterer they really should be able to handle it. And it is better to hire someone experienced to do it in case there is any re-sewing required. Good luck, Todd C

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