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54 mercury gas tank.Where to buy?

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I asked a similar question several weeks ago. After much research I have come to the conclusion a 54 merc gas tank is not being reproduced. I have been told a 54 ford will fit with mods and so will a 56 ford with mods. Both are 17 gal tanks and the merc is 19 gal. I presume your talking about a 2 dr htp.

It was suggested I take mine to a radiator shop that repairs tanks. Sure enough I found one that goes over the tank, cleans it, repairs it, and epoxies the inside. All for around $200. Mines is being done now.

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You might question this, but about five years ago I needed a new tank for my 56' Chevy & I went to Auto Zone, much to my amazement I had a repo tank in about 7 days & very reasonable....go figure...:)

Lee (Sacemoi)

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