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New pistons 1930 40 series?

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Bob Automobilia can't help?

IF you can get a 1929 standard series 116 motor the barrels are the same except the bore is smaller - 3 5/16" in 1929 and increased to 3 7/16" in 1930.

The barrels are bolted to the crank and can be separated easily.

If you have a good set of standard 1930 pistons you can then bore the 1929 barrels to 1930 standard dimensions i.e. from 3 5/16" out to 3 7/16" and save the cost of having to sleeve back to standard dimensions as you would have to with your 1930 barrels.

The trick is to find a good set of 1929 barrels!!

Otherwise you are stuck with sleeving as suggested by your engine re-builder.

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Hi all,

I appreciate all your leads. I checked them all out. A complete set of oversize pistons are (at least for the moment) not available. It came down to sleeves or have oversize pistons made. I decided to go with the sleeves. It seemed easier to stay with a standard size piston and rings (which are available) than to move up to a custom size piston and rings. If there is a problem in the future, for me or for those who own this car after me, we will have a better chance of finding standard size rings and pistons. I don't know if that is a good reason or not. I hope so.


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