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cost per reatta mile

Guest barra

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Has anyone ever figured out the cost per mile of driving a Reatta? I am just curious because I drive mine less than 3000 miles a year and I wondered if what I spend each year is on a par with more current vehicles.

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I also put less than 3000 miles a year on mine, and have not calculated this out as I try not to think about it. Heres why:

Not only do you have to factor in gas, insurance, licensing, and normal maintenance, but the true cost of ownership is impacted by how much you spend on restorative maintenance and upgrades. Given the age of these cars, some restoration (defined by me as anything beyond normal upkeep) is needed for daily drivers to remain safe and reliable. Low-mileage museum pieces of the variety the show up periodically are obviously excluded from these costs.

Truthfully, I have spent more by now than I originally paid for my car to get it to the condition I wanted; the re-paint and new wheels/center caps account for probably 2/3 of the expense. Of course, I have also spent a small fortune (probably more than I could have bought another fair to moderately decent Reatta for) on mechanical repair and preventive maintenance parts replacement to make sure the car was as road-worthy as any newer car on the road. Was it worth it? Well, I think so and that's all that counts since it was my money to spend.

Many people would say I am crazy - or worse - to sink upwards of $5-6K in two years (over and above the purchase price) into a 19 year old car, but these are mostly the type who are content to drive a late model Camry or Accord with balding tires, dents in the rear quarters and a broken off antenna. Practicality and Reatta are mutually exclusive IMO. All told, my total investment is still less than I would have paid for a decent non-economy death box that was 2-3 years old. Plus, I have the pride of owning something relatively rare and not all that well known.

I prefer to drive a nice car with some "personality". I do not have the budget for high end imports of the Bavarian variety, or for Italian exotics. Even if I did have, my taste in cars would still draw me to the Reatta. It is a really enjoyable, unique car that is still understated enough not to be a cop magnet, or the target of jealous and mean-spirited vandals. The fact that it is a relative steal to buy one tight now is just a bonus.

Anyway, that's my take on the formula for getting your input costs. Then just divide that number by the miles per year and see where you come out.


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