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'63 Rivi Seat Belts


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Hello! I am new to this forum. Thanks for reading my posts!

I have a '63 Riv and want to add seat belts to the rear seats. Does anyone have suggestions, or technical info about where to pop the anchor holes? The fronts went in cleanly with the factory threaded holes.

I found 4 dimples across the back behind the seat backs and thought they were markers for anchors. However, they were not. The first one I drilled punched a hole right through the fuel line. Obviously, I was wrong. Before I go and do something stupid again, I thought i would ask this forum for assistance.

Thank you,

Chuck Nicolai


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Check the archives of this forum for details on where to drill the holes. I posted a picture of the page from the '63 shop manual that shows where to drill the holes. If you found dimples, it sounds like you found the correct place. Bummer on the fuel line.

Here's a link that supplies seat belts and attachment hardware. Be sure to put a hefty washer between the floor board and the nut.


This site also sells the belts with the "lift lever" style buckle that was standard on the '63 Riv.

If you don't find the thread in the archives, let me know and I'll see if I still have the copy I scanned.


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Thank you for that information. I found the post you mentioned at http://forums.aaca.org/f177/1965-riv-rear-seat-belt-installation-249870.html.

The dimples that I found were much higher on the back, than the diagram shows, and the two outboard ones were not any where near the wheel well. I'll need to take it apart again to see if the diagram dimples can be found.

Thanks again.


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