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Dave Corbin, Can you ID my 30-68 for me?


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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Mike:

I'm glad to help. The easy part is that your engine is the original engine to the car. Frame number 2,422,657 is the 1426th model 68 in the 6th of 10 batchs of model 68's and the 5736th model 68 overall. Buick built 10216 model 68's that year. The engine number is in a batch of engines that ran from 2,574,638 to 2,613,337.

Note that the 5736th car and body number 5976 are close. Buick didn't make any attempt to match things, so that checks out too.

I hope this helps.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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Very lucky indeed, especially in the state of North Carolina. We have some new draconian laws with respect to obtaining a title for an antique vehicle here. All antique vehicles only (modern used cars are exempt from this) must be inspected by the theft division. In my case my car has an out of state title issued against the engine number and if that engine were not the original it would be very difficult to obtain a clear NC title.. In addition they will not issue a title to a non-operational vehicle, so project cars cannot be titled. They will issue a registration as a non-operational vehicle and give you a 1 year period to get the car running. If you are unable to get the car running and pass the theft inspection within that period you are SOL and will not be issued a title for your car. My car was last started about 4 years ago and at the present time my car is not running, thus I have not been able to get it inspected yet. I do however expect to have it running in the next 3 or 4 weeks.

Michael O'Docharty

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