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Need Distributor Info 1936 p2 Flathead 6

Guest tdebuys

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Guest tdebuys

Ok, It is me again....I'm trying to find a distributor for a 1936 Plymouth motor. This seems to be the same motor used for several model years...the basic 201 6 cylinder flathead. So, will distributors from different model years work or not? I'm seeing several 1935 Plymouth distributors for sale on ebay right now and a couple of them are priced in a range I can afford. I just don't want to buy something I can't use. So, I guess the question is, are there differences in the distributors that make them year specific? Or, can I buy any distributor for a 201 Plymouth/Dodge and expect it to work? And do I need to pay attention to the vacuum advance feature or not? Thanks, Tom

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