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Sales rankings in the 1920s ?

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There is a 5 year set of "new car registrations by makes" listings covering 1926-1930 on pages 140 and 141 in the Spring 1931 Chilton Automotive Multi-Guide. That issue of the guide was re-issued in facsimile edition in 1970 with at least one more reprint in 1975, so there might be copies out there that you can find (I got mine in the 1970s).

These are in numbers and percent, not by rank. So it would take a little examination to figure out which manufacture was where on each of the five years.

A quick look based on make for the top three each year (rounded to even percent):

1926: Ford (36%), Chevrolet (15%), Buick (7%)

1927: Chevrolet (25%), Ford (15%), Buick (9%)

1928: Chevrolet (25%), Ford (15%), Buick (6%)

1929: Ford (34%), Chevrolet (20%), Essex (5%)

1930: Ford (40%), Chevrolet (24%), Buick (5%)

On a manufacturer basis:

1926: Ford (36%), GM (27%), Chrysler (11%)

1927: GM (43%), Ford (15%), Chrysler (11%)

1928: GM (41%), Ford (16%), Chrysler (11%)

1929: Ford (34%), GM (33%), Chrysler (9%)

1930: Ford (40%), GM (34%), Chrysler (9%)

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