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Need to sell 73 Wagon

Guest sdrake

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Have a 73 Cutom Cruiser that I'm trying to move. My father-in-law bought the car new and began a restoration about 5 years ago before illness sidelined the project. He has now passed and I am trying to help move the car out of the garage for his wife.

Here is what I know:

-Car is straight and has new paint (org light yellow color)

-All chrome has been redone but is not on the car

-Interior is original

-Has a 455

-Has an extensive file of service records if that matters with these things????

-One owner car

-Everything is there and everything works

-Some of the engine compartment has been dissasembled such as the fender skirts

-The interior around the hatch has been taken apart for some reason... the carpet must be replaced

I know this isn't much data to go on, but I will dig into the car this weekend and take pics as well... will post updates if anyone is interested.

Is there any interest in these things????

I have no idea what this is worth, but I know that I can only sell this thing to someone who will finish and care for the car. I have no issue with ripping a big block out of any old wagon... but this was my father-in-law's car and he wanted it back on the road. Hope that makes some sort of sense.:(

If anyone has any questions, please email me or call my cell at (304) 553-5804.

The car is in a heated garage in Charleston,WV.

thanks to all,


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