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1990 LeSabre Headliner Removal

Guest C.F.Massie

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Guest C.F.Massie

I own a 1990 LeSabre Custom 4 door and the headliner is finally sagging as with any car this old may. I have replaced the headliner material in my 1989 Reatta myself and that was a snap but this one has me confused. I have the Buick factory service manual(s) for this model but it does not show how you remove the plastic trim from above and around the doors to get the headliner out. I can't find any screws holding them in and I know some cars use clips but this trim is so tight that I don't want to just start pulling on it to find out and then break the trim. Replacing the headliner material is a simple job only if I can get the darn thing down.

Does someone out there know how the trim is mounted and how to remove it without damaging it?:confused:

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