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Eaton Air Compressors - Quality Feedback?

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I am ready to bite the bullet :( and buy a compressor and blast cabinet. After doing considerable research, it seems Eaton has the best compressors for the money. Advertised low RPM, quiet, most CFM per HP and best warranty at 5 years bumper to bumper. I am looking at the Eaton 5HP 80gal or the Champion 5HP 60 gal that TP Tools sells.

Does any have experience with Eaton Compressors? Even though on paper they look to be at the top of the list, I'd like to hear from someone who has one.

I'm going to TP Tools in Canfield OH on Black Friday for the big sale to get the Skat 976 Pro cabinet and will try to see if I can negotiate additional discount if I buy the Champion compressor at the same time. If no further discount, I plan to order this Eaton.

Eaton 5 HP,2 Cylinder,80G Air Compressor Fully Packaged - eBay (item 400085816891 end time Nov-19-09 06:08:26 PST)

5 HP, 2-Stage Champion Centurion Series - TP Tools & Equipment

Thanks is advance for any feedback

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Don't have any experience with Eaton, but we have a 50-year-old air compressor that still goes strong, according to the compressor experts I consulted with a few years ago, because it too has a big, cast-iron, low-RPM compressor unit. So the ad does sound authoritative.

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