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1940 Commander Vent window rubber

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John McCall seems to have problems making stuff and even returning phone calls.

He borrowed a set of 1940 vent window rubbers from one of our members and never send him the reproductions or his old ones which were in good condition.

John if you read this , please explain what is going on.

If anyone else had bad experiences ,please post them here.

Robert Kapteyn

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I have talked with John over the years. Long ago, He told me he had the vent rubber to be used to make the molds. BUT TRUE, it is VERY difficult to get him on the phone. The running boards on the car I restored came from John look and look fantastic.

Sure wish someone would get this project moving. I have had calls from others that need these seals asking what I did for this car... When I tell them there are no seals on the car, they agree that there are some of us out here waiting....and waiting.....

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