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Never turn your back on a twelve year old

Guest Dans 77 Limited

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Guest Dans 77 Limited

I love my son , hes the greatest. But if your wondering why it seems like I fell off the face of the earth for the last few months........ well you need to ask Tim. I am an AOL subscriber and my son who enjoys "experimenting" with various mechanical and electronic devices decided that we needed internet explorer. Well we got internet explorer in spades. It didnt matter what you did internet explorer got in the way. Every time I tried to sign on my AOL would come up my "Youve got mail " would speak then internet explorer would come up and everything would freeze. the only way to unfreeze it was to pull the plug on the computer. My wife has worked some kind of miracle and has made it work again ...... just when I thought we would have to get a new computer.

And the point of this rant ?

Man am I glad to be back !!!!!!!!! Ive been going through withdrawl and with winter coming on it was getting critical. Gotta run I just saw Tim heading out to the garage :eek:


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Dan, One day you will look back and laugh at this, on the flip side-he is entering his teen years and this will seem like nothing when he comes up with something to top it.:D


Tim's looking at the car now! Let's hope he doesn't top this one. If he does, I'll post the death notice for all to read. :P:D

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Had a similar experience with my Home Business computer a "few" years ago. Having two boys and the computer in the home they knew more than me and connected up to the internet without any anti-virus software without my knowledge! Naturally, had a serious infection (Trojan's back then), lost most of three years of financial data and while trying to backup, infected my floppies (dating the issue here). After many dollars in recovery and discipline (not "too" much as wife is a Supervisor/Social Worker) at 24 and 20 today still love them both and they are car guys too only not old Buick's like me but that's OK.

As to Dave Dandy's bumper sticker; Teenagers, you need to move out while you know everything, would LOVE to have one of those!

My youngest when he turned 18 wanted to move out to the Canadian West (Calgary) with his friend for the summer and I resisted till one dinner evening and MUCH discussion of saying "I don't think so", I FINALLY said, "you NEED to go because you will be soooo much smarter when you return than you think you are now!" He asked me what I meant at the time and I just said make sure you have a round trip ticket paid for before you go! It was the best life experience for him and we are closer because of it.

The point of this is only to say as a father, you are not alone and Stay Tuned, there's more. Best wished, Doug.

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