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Head Wanted - 34 Studebaker Dictator

Guest wasif

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My name is Wasif, am Indian living in the UAE with a deep passion for vintage cars.

My first restoration project was a 28 Studebaker Big Six four dooe convertible and have never looked back since.

I am looking for a replacment cylinder head for a friends 1934 Dictator SedanThe Engine number is D - 15768 and the chassis number is AW-2 2037 ( AWZ - RHC ). It is an imposing four door sedan with twin

side mounts and the owner is very keen on restoring the car.

Any help in sourcing this item will be much appreciated.

Also I if anyone can send me the email address of Joliet Studebaker Service I would be very obliged as I am told they might have this in stock.



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Does the car have an aluminum head?

If so I would recommend that you change it to a cast iron head.

Both heads are hard to find.

I do not have any.

Can someone else help this man?

Robert Kapteyn.

A company in Texas is reproducing the aluminum head for the 1923 "Light Six" and if there are enough takers they may consider to reproduce these

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No it was a regular cast iron head which had been damaged in storage. They tried to cast a replacment but it didn't come out well.

At this point any head would be eagerly accepted, aluminium or cast iron.

Looking forward to some input from people who are well connected in the old Studebaker parts world !

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