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1990 Reatta Convertible for Sale


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The link above is for a 1990 silver/silver Reatta convertible (not mine). I took it for a spin earlier today and it's not bad (needs some affection).

Quick history of the car that *I* know:

Carfax says the car originated from Florida until 2000. Then up to Washington State and became a California car in 2005. Then shows it back as a Washington state registered car in November 2006. I didn't ask the owner for an explanation. Carfax report is clean.


New black cloth top w/ glass window

Engine is smooth

No ABS concerns

No rips or tears in the seats (but they are well worn)

Paint is an 8.5 out of 10. No dents/accidents and still has a shine but there are a couple places where this is paint fade (each about 2" in diameter along the front fender). Typical stone chips on the hood, front and rear bumper exist but not excessive.


Left front headlight crank (possibly the motor) is troublesome and would need attention.

Both windows go down OK but on a couple occasions they either slowed to a crawl on the way up or just stopped working. Had to turn off/on the car and try again and then the windows went up....s l o w l y (passenger window much worse then driver's side). I think the problem with the driver's window is in the switch - but that's just a hunch.

The ABS/brake lights do not stay lit on the panel and work OK. But upon a panic stop the brake feel was too soft (pedal nearly to the floorboard). I mention this only because of how delicate the Teves system is and I don't know whether this is an indication of anything yet to come.

Interior trim along drivers door shakes a bit while driving and also has various areas where interior chrome/faceplates has chipped away. Center armrest and ashtray doors need a little attention.

It has 16 way seats but the switch on the side of the seat closet to your hip does not work. All other driver seat functions are OK (I didn't test the passenger seat).

The coolant resevoir was bone dry. Car didn't overheat for the 6 miles I put on the car. But the lack of attention on this matter would have me a little concerned. Dip stick showed clean oil in the crankcase. Owner said the car has no leaks (hoses looked like they were recently replaced).

Car does not have an OEM radio. It's a Delco all in one AM/FM/CD with an equalizer that worked well (as did all speakers).

The car would be a good daily driver and what I would consider road worthy with little work (headlight repair and windows). Both headlight covers open and close but its obvious the left cover will need attention soon. With some extra affection, the car can be a gem (not "judging material" but a darn nice car!). Original red pinstriping (red was original, correct?) is intact.

I have indifferent information on the current owner that I'm not comfortable posting. But it shouldn't be a deciding factor on whether or not you like this car.

If you have any questions, please send me a PM.

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Guest 68vwdubb

Hey Bushwack,

Isn't this the car you spoke of a week ago that sold in 15 minutes after being listed on CL because of the cheap price??

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Hey Bushwack,

Isn't this the car you spoke of a week ago that sold in 15 minutes after being listed on CL because of the cheap price??

Same car. I have doubts on the story the seller says regarding how he acquired the car (I know the recent ownership history of the car and the current seller is strrrretching the truth). Suffice it to say he knows little of the history of the car. The car itself is true and for that, a purchasing decision can be made. But I would put little faith in what the seller says.

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FYI...The car is now at $5,950. Strong hunch he'd drop to about $5,500. He bought the car sight unseen for $5,000. Add another 10-12% for misc fees and he's into the car for $5,500 - $5,700. IMO it's now worth considering for anyone looking to buy a convertible.

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