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1930 marquette

Dwight Romberger

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I started it in 1986! Im on the the last month.... Rear seat needs upholstered... paint on the molding, pinstriping... and I want to re-chrome a couple of things... but should be End of December or early January and I should be able to say Im done. Hopefully.

Once that is finished I can get back to working on my brass Buicks.

If you didnt click on the manuals section, there is something every year from 1904 to 1934. If there is just a cover, then it means Ill be scanning it. Many manuals and sales brochures are scanned.

Lots more for 1929 than other years, but several years are pretty full too.


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I see that this question was never answered on who made the open car bodies for the Marquette. GM / Buick made all of the US / Canadian built open car bodies in house. All closed car bodies were produced by Fisher Body. In Australia, Phaeton and 4 dr sedan bodies were produced by Holden on cowl forward chassis which were imported along with completed vehicles. England also had special bodies built on the cowl forward chassis but I have not located the name of the body manufacture.

I do debate the earlier comment that the body panels on the Marquette were Oakland as there are no other vehicles other than the 1931 series 50 Buick's (which was supposed to become the Marquette "8" and used allot of the 1930 Marquette left over components) that use these body components. The style is that of the Oakland mostly of which is seen in the Herringbone radiator shroud insert.

Don Holton


Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts (M.O.R.E.)

M.O.R.E. (Marquette Owners Registry for Enthusiasts)

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My cousin and I are trying to track down our Grandfather's Marquette. Mainly we want to know that she is in good hands. We recently were able to track her down to some extent, and then the trail has run cold.

She is serial no. 36616 and has engine no. 30734. She's a model 30-37 Fordor.

I have the title and transfer papers for when my father, Charles H. Wadleigh of Volin SD, bought her from our grandfather, John P. Plucker of Lennox SD, on Feb. 1, 1955.

My father sold her to a collecter from Brooton, Minn. in October, 1969. That fellow is John O. Bohmer who operated a museum in that town for many years. It was apparently one of the first cars he bought for his collection. He has written a book on his collection titled, A Man and His Cars - The ultimate "Barn Find" Collector" and she is pictured on page 48 in that book.

John sold his collection at auction in the early 1990's. He did not do any significant restoration on the car by then because it was in fairly tough shape. (Grandfather had in fact used it at one time to plow).

He no longer has records of who bought the car, but his recollection is that it was a Buick Collector, presumably from Minnesota or the upper Midwest.

If anyone knows anything about this car, please contact me at donaldwadleigh@yahoo.com


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