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WTB PARTS Lots, Collections, Hoards, Etc.

Guest bchevy

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I'm in Maryland and I'm looking for parts, NOS or NORS/aftermarket suff. Garages, sheds, workshops bough whole and cleaned out.

Collections, or store inventories,

Defunct projects considered also.

Let me know what you have and what you want for it, and where you are.

Emails are best.


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Guest allenscarparts

Have access to huge inventory of NOS and NORS mechanical parts. Examples are 75 NOS DELCO_REMY armatures,35 ACDELCO fuel pumps. NOS delco remy starter, generator, ignition parts starting with part #18000 up to # 1998874 contact me at allenscarparts@hotmail.com

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Guest windjamer

I have a bread sixe box of nos Ford truck parts. Seals gaskets chrome washer nozels whl.studs lug nuts latches a drag-link for mid 60 f350 .Call me Dick (607) 7246695.

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i heard lately that lester harris in minden nevada wants to retire,hes been a parts dealer since the fifties,he has several airplane hangers full from what i understand,lesters probably in his 80s now but still sharp as can beif someone would buy his parts an market them they would be doing the hobby a good service,last time i talked to lester he was shipping out some type of gaskets i believe head an intake for a 1913 cadillac,so needless to say he probably has about everything,try info for his phone number or email me an ill get it for you


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