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Columbus Automobile Club to Europe ca 1906

Guest Jacobus2

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Guest Jacobus2

Hello everyone-

Thanks to those of you who helped to identify the attached photo as a 1901 Toledo Steam Carriage. Shortly after this photo was taken my great-great-grandfather and his wife embarked on an automobile tour of Europe. I have no photos or stories of that trip and I'd love to learn more.

Here are clues: My g-g-grandfather was William Huston, a prominent citizen of Columbus Ohio at the time. The 1908 obituary of his wife, Kate, mentions that they were auto enthusiasts and had recently returned from an automobile tour of Europe. In the Columbus library I found a brief history of the Columbus Automobile Club, which had formed in 1901. By 1906 it had 90 members and had just started arranging overseas auto tours. So, though I cannot find a membership list from that time I'd be surprised if William Huston did not belong, and it seems likely that he and his wife might have signed on to a Europe trip organized by the Club.

Anyone out there know anything about the Columbus Automobile Club in the early 1900s. Membership lists would be particularly useful. Any ideas about how I might learn more about this Europe tour of 1906 or 1907? I wonder how commonplace that was - sounds like quite an adventure to me. Any information would be appreciated.


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