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EZ-EFI on a 401 nailhead?

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hi guys!

i have recently seen on an article on the EZ-EFI system.

has anyone ever thought on putting this on a 401 nailhead instead of the carter 1x4BBL?

or has it already been successfully completed on a NH engine?

can't wait to read your thoughts and with BR,


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Dirk, et al.

Here's a link to an article in which the author installs an EFI system on his '65 Riviera. He puts two of the Affordable Fuel Injection systems on a 2X4 manifold.

I knew that I had this aritcle printed out somewhere, it just took me a while to find it and then find the link from which I got it originally.

In the build up of the nailhead for the Air Ride Technologies buick wagon, the owner used a Holley commander EFI system. They come large enough to support the cubic inches and horsepower of the nailhead.

Here's the link to the article. I'm sure you can find the Holley website if you're interested.

Buick Nailhead Engine Rebuild - Custom Rodder Magazine

Keep us posted.


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