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What is the paint color for my '53 v-8


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Apple Green 1953-1966.

Take look at at this PDF from BCA.Page 25 you have the engine colors.


Leif in Sweden.

I wish the judging manual would get rid of that "apple green" description of the paint color. All of the examples of apple green that I have seen do not match this era of Buick green engine paint. My description would be a shade of turquoise leaning to the green spectrum with some white and black added to make it 'dirty'.

That is how my paint supplier mixed and matched the original color from the spark plug cover of one of my low mileage 55's.

In reality there were probably many shades over the years that were 'close' but never and exact match. Like all non external body paint it was low quality and carelessly applied. We are worrying more today than Buick did.


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